June 09, 2009

X-Woven Ponies

This is another cute alternative to plain old pony tails.
First Divide out the front of the hair into 2 sections and divide each into 6 sections.

Now make three X's in the front: Hopefully my pics explain this better than I can. I don't have words coming to me today.
Next make your two ponies.
Add in the top ponies one at a time. Far left to the right pony, then far right to the left pony. Next middle left to right pony and middle right to left pony. Then center left to right pony and center right to left pony.
All Done!


Shaun said...

That's my beautiful girl and my talented wife!

Maddie GIrl said...

That's a cute idea! Don't know why I never thought of that one!

Candice said...

Girl, You are getting so good at this!

Now come to my house and teach me! seriously my little E won't let me do anthing more than Ponytails I'm so bored! and when i try something new it either doesn't work out because E's got uneven hair or She gets mad admakes me take it out!!!

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