June 16, 2009

Elastic Madness

This is a fun way to pull the hair back off of her face and neck for the summer without doing just a plain old pony.
Start off with a part down the centre (somewhat) and take a square from the front and put it in an elastic. Do the same with the other side of the part.

Take another square on one side of the part and add in the opposite piece from the front. Repeat forming an "X".
Repeat this until you are at the back of her head.
Now for the sides: start at the front and do an elastic braid back following the same parts as earlier. Don't forget on the last one to add everything from the back in that section. Repeat on the other side.
Now take the two sides and bring them together into a pony in the back under the other two:
This gives the overall pony some height for those of us with kids with fairly thin hair in pony tails.
Next I added a fairly small bow:
There! It's finished!


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