June 12, 2011

Double Criss-Cross (take 2)

     Back two years ago, I posted this hairstyle and although I've done it once or twice it isn't something I do very often on Kenz. BUT I love it. I just find that it has a bit of an elegant touch done with french or dutch braids. To see the original post click here. Back the first time I did it Kenz's hair was much shorter so the ends of the braids were just tucked under and pinned. Now that her hair is longer we braided to the ends and then formed a braided bun at the nape of her neck and pinned it securely. I added these cute little flowers and we were all set for church. I think one of the things I like the most about this style is that it looks pretty and elegant and I was done within about 20 minutes.

June 10, 2011

Purple Streaks

     Miss Kenz is a girly girl. But more than being a girly girl, she likes to experiment with different ideas and new things. Recently she has liked colours in her hair, so a while back I bought some pink hairspray at Claires and we would occasionally streak her hair with that. The only problem I found was that it could take up to 10-12 washes before the pink would come completely out even though it is supposed to wash right out on the first try.
     So in chatting with other people, someone brought up a different way to colour streak hair - using Crayola markers. Yep. We experimented on a small section of hair and I was amazed at how easy even dark colours washed out. Now today Kenz was in the mood for a make-over morning. She loves to give me make overs and she loves when I do make-overs on her. When it came time to do her hair she initially wanted the pink hairspray, but I didn't want to have to deal with it in her hair for two or more weeks, so we decided on purple crayola marker streaks. The look so cute yet so grown up in her hair, but they were fun and she loves the way they look.
     To do her hair this morning, we started with a basic centre hair part and clean, dry, hair. Then I take a small chunk of hair from by the part line and use paper towel underneath so I only get the chunk of hair I want coloured. Then I used the marker to colour the hair. I did two streaks on each side of the part and two small hippie braids crossed over to the back to finish off her look. I wanted the purple streaks to be visible but not too much for her - after all, she is only 5! But, she's happy with it so I'm happy with it. Makeover  = Success!
     I love that Kenz lets me do her hair still and that it gives us time (almost) every day together to bond and chat and have fun. I also love that she has her own personality that knows what it wants. I remember back when I only had my older boys, I used to see girls with streaks or crazy colours in their hair and I used to think to myself: 'my daughter would never be allowed to do that to her hair!'. Ha! The things that have changed since I became a parent!

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