June 09, 2009

4 (and a half) Braids

Okay this is my second post today, I know, I'm just trying to catch up from last weekend when I had a whole bunch to post and then my modem broke so I had no internet... Anyways... This is a pretty basic do and I do it usually for the crimps in her hair the next day. We did this yesterday and it held through all day yesterday plus today so we'll be taking it out tomorrow and doing a fun do.
Divide the hair into 4 sections and french (or dutch) braid:

Pull the four braids together in the back and put in an elastic holding them underneath so they form a kinda bun thing:
Braid the bangs if your daughter has them... for some reason I couldn't get them to stay in a french braid so I ended up dutch braiding... still looks cute.
I used this ribbon tied bobby pin to hold the end of the top braid at the start of the next braid and then stuck another in on the other side so it looked even:
This is one of those styles that looks complicated to non-hair-doers but if you know how to french braid really takes no time at all:
She was happy that it was a quick style:


SugarandSpice said...

Yeah!!! Your comments are working! I have actually tried to leave you comments on 2 other posts but it would'nt let me!!!


Monica said...

Thanks, yeah, I had a setting set wrong and didn't even realise it! Should all be working now!

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