April 19, 2010

Overnight Braids

Miss Kenz didn't like getting her pics taken this day so these are the best shots I got. This is a basic do for sleepovers. The kids (all 4!) slept at our friend's house the other night so I wanted to put something in Kenz's hair that would need nothing the next morning. All I did was part out 6 sections of hair and braid. I didn't even braid to the bottom of all the sections. It was a really nice random hairdo that stayed put. These pics were taken the next day so I realise there are a couple of fly-aways!

April 18, 2010

Haircare - Questions!

So, I've been doing alot of "hair research" lately. Learning about different types of hair and how people care for their/their kids hair. Now it just so happens that in conversation last week I was talking about hair with an aquaintance and I was comparing different types of Hair. Now Kenz and I appear to have the same brownish/blond thin, dry hair, so this aquaintance was surprised when I said how different our hair was. An example I used was washing hair. My hair gets greasy, not healthy greasy - greasy, greasy if I don't wash it every day or every other day at the most. Now Kenz on the other hand I only wash with shampoo once every 1-2 weeks. We rinse through the week and have to add moisture to hers every day or it gets so dry it breaks in my hands. Now this person I was speaking with was looking at me shocked by this point. "You only wash her hair every 1-2 weeks? Doesn't it get dirty?" I kind of looked at her like she was nuts. I admit, for someone to not wash "white hair" every couple days definitely isn't what we are taught. In fact I wash my boys' hair more often then Kenz's. But seriously, do people really think I would let my daughter go with dirty hair? Just because I'm not shampooing doesn't mean it's not clean.

Another point I made about the difference in our hair is that my hair is thicker than it appears. I've gone to numerous salons that always mis-judge how much hair I actually have and how thick it is. Kenz has thin hair. This same aquaintance then went on to say that maybe Kenz has thin hair because I don't cut it enough! We trim Kenz's hair (just the very ends) every 2-3 months, just because I'm growing it long doesn't mean it's unhealthy and needs to be cut every couple weeks, her hair is growing quickly, when it starts to split we trim it. Why does everyone assume that modern little girls need bobs these days?

Anyways, enough of my rant. My question is this, how do you care for your kids hair (or your hair!)? Since Kenz has such different hair from what I'm used to I'm still working on a routine and trying to figure out what works to grow her hair long like we want without breakage. So I'm curious, how do you care for your (kids) hair and could you give a brief description of your (kids) hair? Do you ever get anyone look at you funny for something you've done in your haircare routine?

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