June 28, 2009

Cross Up Ponies

First I apologise for the crappy pics, we were on our way out to church and I wanted to snap a couple quick pics of this do, View from the front:

This style is super cute and pretty easy to do. She got tons of compliments on it today. I'm not going to do a step by step as you can pretty much see what I did but for a brief description:
1. Part out a centre part.
2. Starting at the bottom section out a small piece on each side and put in an elastic
3. cross the first ones over each other and add to the next sections
4. Continue up until you reach the top of the head
5. Again, Kenz has bangs so I pulled them up and added them to the section with the ponies, straight back.
6. Add ribbon or bows.
View from the back:
From the top:

Another back view:


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