July 27, 2009

Star Power!

I know most fellow hair-bloggers have seen this before because it is a direct idea from Jenn at Girly Do's. This is the second time I've done this now and I absolutely love it because it's something super cute but really surprisingly quick and easy (especially once you've done it a couple times!)This is step one, you are going to need 5 ponies that make up the 5 points of the star. This pic gives an idea of how to divide the parts (I know my parts are pretty crooked!).Step 2: Divide each pony into 2 and partially braid or twist braid each one temporarily securing with an elastic or clip. You should have 10 sections now.Step 3: Take 1 braid and join it with a braid from the pony beside it. These will be the stars inner points. Do this all the way around.Step 4: Take out all of the temporary elastics and join the 5 new ponies in the middle making one big pony.
Now make a bun, you can do anything really. I did a ballerina bun, but messy buns also give it a fun look.For anyone wanting to know, this is how I secured her bangs into this hairstyle:A view from the front. Isn't she pretty!
You can do so many things with this. When Jenn did it she wrapped ribbon around it, you could bead it if you had the desire... you can braid, twist or do nothing with the lines of the star. Plus it can be used for different holidays... you could use it for the fourth of July, Christmas, You could easily make it into a 6 point star, soften up the lines and make it a flower instead, the list of possibilities is endless!

Half French Braid Ponies

This is a pretty easy do and takes only a few minutes if you can french braid. First I parted her hair down the middle, keeping her bangs seperate because they are too short to stay in the braids.
Next I parted each side horizontally at her crown.
Then I french braided the tops pulling them into ponies and including the rest of her hair where the braids stopped.
I now braided the ponies and flipped them under making a sort of loop and securing it with an elastic.
The next step was braiding her bangs and adding bows. The back of her hair

The side view:
From the front:

July 24, 2009

Photo Free Friday

I checked my usual blog reading list today and came across this nifty idea by Jenn over at Girly Do's. She has posted photoless instructions for a hair do and asked us to try it and share the link on her blog. So this is what we've done. Go HERE to see the instructions.
This style was a little challenging because her bangs are too long to stay down and it's difficult to keep them in a longer french braid, so there are quite a few shorter pieces sticking out that I tried to hide.View from the side that's hooked into the ponyI liked the look of this but it didn't feel complete until I added the bows to it. Some styles just need that bit of extra help :)

July 17, 2009

French Braid... With Bangs IN

Okay, two things, first you know I've been growing out Kenz's bangs so this style is great because it keeps them back and out of her face without having too much going on. Second, I love the look of a single french braid on almost anyone. It has got to be my all time favourite hairstyle. So I finally figured out a way to make this work with Kenz and her long bangs!
To start this style, make an elastic braid starting front middle of her head and do it back to the crown (we did 3 elastics), and don't forget to include the bangs!Now take the hair from that 3rd elastic and divide it into 3 to start your french braid.French braid all the way down and add a bow to the bottom...Ta Da! Simple, cute, easy, and classic. This do is perfect for Kenz's hair!

July 14, 2009

Lots O' Braids...

This is really simple and fun and used alot in the summer to get her hair off her face. I didn't explain much or take step by step because it's pretty self-explanatory. (And yes, I know her headband doesn't match, but it's the one she wanted to wear today...)

The back: The top. We braided the bangs and added them into the first braided pony...

The bottom at the back, we did the same things as the front:
A view from the front:

P.S. I was going to add beads to the bottom of the braids, but ran out of time, stay tuned one day this week for my how to on adding beads!

July 13, 2009

Summer Giveaway!

If you like hair accessories as much as we do, check out the summer giveaway going on at Sugar and Spice! She is giving away 3 prizes so go on over and check out the awesome prizes sponsored by Chic Clips!

July 08, 2009

Braided Heart

I should save this for Valentines Day but I figured since I didn't have a new style to post and this was sitting in my folder for a while I would go ahead and post it. For this one I'll try and explain since I don't have very many pics.

French braid two braids starting at the crown in the middle and braid towards the front of her head and then back around the sides towards the back. Braid as far down as you can and join the two braids to form the bottom point. At this point I did a twist braid where the two braids attached and I also did 2 twists and 2 braids randomly in the bottom part of her hair. When I was done I wove a pink ribbon around the heart to define it a little more. The pics don't do this one justice. It's really pretty in person! Maybe one day soon I'll redo it so that I can show a step by step and how cute it really is!

July 07, 2009

More Braids

Nope, Kenz still isn't feeling much better but today we decided to do her hair anyways because we were going to the pool and I figured if I at least braided it then it would dry quicker and stay out of her face.

We started by parting her bangs and tying them out of the way.

Next we made a part at her crown horizontally and put the bottom in a pony out of the way.

Next we sectionned out small sections and french braided braiding as far down as I could. I think we ended up with 6 sections.

We gathered all the sections and added them to the bottom pony making it into a sorta bun thing. Normally I would take out all the elastics holding the small braids, but I wanted to finish this up quickly today.

Finally we 1/2 french braided her bangs, adding hair only to the front side and put an elastic in after all the hair was added, tucking the remaining hair behind her ear.She likes this because it's a no fuss no fix hair style that lasts all day. She actually went to bed tonight with the entire things still in and I'll probably leave it in for tomorrow too!View from the front: She was not too happy to be posing for pictures!

July 06, 2009

Best Toys for Girls

So since princess Kenz is still not feeling good I thought I'd post some of the best toys that I have found for toddler/preschool girls. This is obviously just my opinion but these are definitely the 3 things Kenz plays with the most!
#1: Dress up clothes. It doesn't matter if you buy special clothes or just give her old hats and mitts and shoes she LOVES to dress up. We have to boxes full of different dresses, shoes, crowns and purses that she is constantly playing with.

#2 and #3: Monkey See - Monkey Do! Kenz and her youngest brother are only 2.5 years apart so I think when he was born she really wanted to feel apart of things and did that by copying what mommy did. The first is a sling made by my good friend Brandy at Evie Slings. I also have an adult version that I love :) The second is her stroller that Grammy and Papa gave her for Christmas one year. It is the Graco version and has the carseat just like our stroller. This stroller goes literally everywhere with us!

Anyways, that's it for today! I hope my reviews have been helpful!

July 05, 2009

Sick Princess

I just wanted to let you all know that posts may be a little scattered for a while. Miss Kenz has a nasty cold that has really taken her out of things. The last thing that she has wanted is me pulling and tugging at her hair!

July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

I wanted to wish all Canadian readers a Happy Canada Day today! We were on our way out for Canada Day festivities and didn't have a ton of time for hair but wanted to do something "Canadian", so here is my quickie Canadian do:
Start with a headband part and do an elastic braid starting at one ear and go straight across to the other ear. Put the rest into two lowish ponytails. Use a needle to wrap red ribbon around the headband and continue to the ponies wrapping it around and tying around the elastic. Add two shorter pieces of Maple Leaf ribbon adn you're good to go!

From the front:

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