May 31, 2009

Shortie Twists

For those of you out there that think short hair can't be cute, have a got a cute shorty-do for you today!
Miss A has very short baby hair that doesn't part very easily and curls like crazy when I play with it.

So I took two roughly centered small ponies and did some topsy tail (pull throughs) in them. Then I divided each into two and did some corkscrew twists in them. A quick but cute baby do! Isn't it cute!

May 29, 2009

Fancy French Braid

This twist on a french braid was inspired by one of Kenzie's many Barbie doll's so that is where the credit for this idea is going.
We did this do on both Kenzie and Miss K this morning:
Miss K just has two regular braids braided into a french braid in the middle:
View from the side:

View from the Back:

View from the top:
Kenz has the same style but with two topsy tails (pull throughs) in the front to keep the shorter layers in front from falling out.
View from the top:

View from the back:
View from the top:

May 28, 2009

Ribbon Headband, Braids and a Bow

So Miss Squirmy wasn't too co-operative when it comes to pics today so I will try my best to explain.
I started off with a long piece of ribbon and wrapped it across the top of her head with the tails of the ribbon hanging down either side. Then I took her bangs and made them into tiny ponies on the front of the ribbon and attached those ponies to two tiny ponies behind the ribbon. Then I brought those together.
Next I started braiding the side of her hair... just regular old braids, nothing fancy... except that for one of the pieces of the braid I used the ribbon and just two sections of hair. When those were done I attached them in the back under the rest of her hair.

Finally I took that top pony and used it as the center piece for the french braid I did with the rest of her hair. When I was done the braid I took the leftover ribbon from the other two braids and tied it around the braid at the neck and added a matching bow.
This do didn't really take all that long and was great for keeping her hair (bangs and all) off of her face.
My apologies to the person I got this from because I can't remember who it was but I got the general idea from another blog somewhere... if it was you let me know and I'll give you the credit :)
This one could also just have the two side braids attached in the back with the hair left down... this is what we had when we took out just the middle braid:

If anybody has any questions on how I do a particular style or has something that they would like me to show just leave a comment and let me know!

May 26, 2009

Chain Link Crown

This do takes a little more time than most the ones I do but it is the kind of hairstyle I will leave up for at least 2 days. It's pretty self explanatory if you look at the pics and I'm not too good with words today so I won't describe how to do it. Now today we did it with dry hair, normally I would do it with damp hair and I think I will from now on. With her hair dry there are too many fly-aways and the parts aren't as neat as they should be.

Twists and Ponies

Yet another do with her hair pulled back off her face with two mini ponies. This time I twisted the two front ponies into two more smaller ones behind those and then took those ponies into the two main ponies. (I know... I can't describe today... look at the pics :) )
Next I put a couple of little twists in the ponies and added some little green clips and we were done!

May 25, 2009

Multiple Braids to Bun with Bangs Pulled Back

Since it's summer time now and we've decided we want to grow out Kenz's bangs we're going to probably be doing a lot of similar styles to this one with her bangs pulled right back off her face.
To start this style I pulled her bangs off her face by doing two rows of elastic braids. Then I regular braided the ends of the elastic braids together. Next I took all of the hair around her head and did 6 more regular braids.

Next I pulled all of the braids back into a pony tail and took out the elastics from the ends of the braids and then made it into a sortof bun. I was going to do a ballerina bun but got impatient and just did a half a messy bun.
Isn't it pretty like a flower or star?!

May 21, 2009

Elastic Braids to Messy Bun

This one is great for getting bangs off of her face and for warm or windy days where the hair needs to be pulled back.
Start by sectioning front/back and then section the front into rows. Make the rows into squares starting at the front and do a tiny pony. Take the hair from the first section and add it to the second section. Keep going until the hair is used up. Try to keep the parts even as you do each section.This is what it will look like with all the rows finished:Add all of the hair into a pony in back and make it a messy bun. Add in a pretty bow (I told you the bow I made yesterday would look great with this outfit!) and you are done!

May 20, 2009

Two Messy Bun variations:

Sometimes I'm looking for a good and sturdy - windy outside - 3 year old wants to play rough - hair do. I love doing a messy bun variation for this because it holds up really well to wind and play and you don't have to worry if it does come out a little. The first 3 pictures are one style and were taken after a full day of playing outside:

For this style what I did was four knots in the top half of the hair. The back half of hair was divided into two ponies and then the top two knots were added into the ponies. Next I braided the bottom two knots and added them into the ponies with a new elastic. Then I took yet another elastic and only did a half a pull through and pinned down the bun randomly to create the messy bun. This style only takes a couple minutes to do, I think choosing her ribbons took longer than actually doing the style.
This is style # 2 and I think it's a little prettier for when we are going out and I know she will be playing but I want her to look just that little bit nicer.

The first thing I did for this was divide the top and bottom sections of hair. The bottom I put into two ponies and the top I divided into 4 sections. One at a time I took the right two sections of hair that was left out and added it to the right pony twisting it before securing with an elastic. Then I did the same to the left side. I created my messy bun look the same way as above with the half pull through and pins.
Again, these pics were taken at the end of the day and it's still looking pretty good considering the wind we've been having lately.

New Bows!

Yay! I finally had a few minutes tonight to try out some of my new ribbon that I have been sporadically buying lately and thought I should share some of the results. I was in a fairly simple mood tonight so nothing too fancy but I think they all turned out pretty good:
My favourites this time I think are the pink and green polka dots :) Although the black and white single one will look great with her red outfit tomorrow!

May 13, 2009

Double Criss-Cross

So I know I did the single version of this not long ago, but I really like the way this turned out doing it doubled up.
Top View:
Bottom Underneath View:
Side Upper View:
Side View:

May 09, 2009

Woven Braids

So I was browsing other hair blogs this morning looking for something I've never tried before to do in Kenzie's hair for Mother's Day. Here is what we came up with, originally found at . I really like the way this turned out on Kenz but I think if I were to do it again I would definitely use a smaller darker coloured ribbon so that it isn't quite so eye catching... this one would be better a little more subtle.
A brief description: 5 French Braids, woven together with 4 Pieces of ribbon and then flipped up at the bottom.

May 05, 2009

Shortie Topsy

Who remembers the topsy tails that were on the infomercials back in the 80s/90s... I do! I used to have a home made one (thanks dad!) and not too long ago I wanted to achieve the same type of tool so I used a piece of pipe cleaner and some electrical tape and made my own. I did this because topsy-tails are a cute look for little girls with short hair, or long hair, good for keeping shorter pieces tight etc...
Too demonstrate just how cute they are with short hair: Miss A. has 4 tiny little topsy tailed ponies on top of her head (3 across the front, 1 across the back), topped off with a cute bow:
Here, Miss Kenz had 4 tiny topsy tails going across the front of her head into two upside down topsy tail ponies:

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