September 28, 2010


Check out what we've been up to with all the kids lately! Yummy fall (or anytime treats!) And the kids love that they can help out with this one! Assorted Candy Apples!

September 27, 2010

Two Do's

These two hairdos have been pretty popular the last couple weeks. It's really the same hair do finished differently. I made two dutch braids in back of Kenz's head. As soon as I was done adding hair neckline, I tied the braids together with a clear elastic. I then took a small piece of hair and wrapped it around the elastic hiding it. Then I took another clear elastic and including the tail from the wrapped piece of hair tied off the pony at the base of the wrapped hair. Cinch it upwards so the elastic is hidden and voila a cute easy hairdo. Now in the pictures below I also did a zigzac part.

For this variation on the above do, I tied off each braid seperately at the neckline and wrapped each the same way as above. I've done this one with a straight part down the middle.

 One other note is that for these braids I don't usually start them too high, I usually start with an ear to ear part and then do the middle part so the starting point is the same on both sides.
 The idea for this one came from Babes in Hairland although mine isn't an exact copy, it definitely inspired me for this one!

September 17, 2010

Keeping the Lice Away...

It is only the second week of school way up here in Canada. But go figure of course there is already a GIANT outbreak of headlice going around my kids school. Um Yeah. I was not thrilled with the notices that all three of my children brought home in their backpacks this week about the lice outbreak, I really don't think any parent is. However this year it hit me a little harder than in previous years.
In the past if the boys were to catch lice I wouldn't have been too worried - I mean worse case scenario I shave their heads - easy solution! However now that Makenzie is at the school, sitting in a class where who knows how many children are carrying this horrid little beast (yes I hate lice THAT much!) I'm a little panicky this year. So to make a long story short, here is what we've been wearing to school this week for hair to hopefully help keep her hair from hanging/swinging/getting infected with lice.
The pictures are from two different days she wore this style. It's really easy once you get the hang of this one. Part the hair however you'd like and start braiding in a rounded shape towards the back, when you get to the back keep braiding the other side back to the front. Braid as far down the hair as you can and either curl it back and pin it with bobby pins, tuck it under and pin it, or as you'll see in the second set of pictures I brought it across the front of her head like a crown - she loved it this way, told her whole class she was a princess.
Last but not least - load it up with hairspray. I normally don't use a ton of hairspray but she needs it for this style to last the day, and although I'm pretty sure it's only a myth, I keep hoping that the hairspray will keep them away!

September 09, 2010


Anyone who loves giveaways for their little girl will love this one Megan's Closet! Make sure you head over and check it out!

September 04, 2010

Braided Bun

This is really cute and a good way to incorporate different styles of braids. For this one we added a 5-strand braid in the top centre and the bottome centre braids. We also left the tail of the bun hanging down for something different.

Loose 1/2 French Braids

I enjoy doing these braids when I'm looking for a softer, looser look for Kenz that still keeps her hair out of her eyes. It's pretty easy, just 4 french braids where you only add hair to one side as you're braiding (1/2 french braids). We left the rest of her hair down.

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