August 30, 2009

Faux French Braid

This is for all you ladies who want a look similar to a french braid but just can't do a french braid. I use this one quite a bit and I CAN braid simply because it's more sturdy than a real french braid.Start this one off by parting the hair horizontally and putting into little ponies in a line all the way down her head. I think Kenz usually has around 6 of these.
The next step is to regular braid the top section and then add it to the second pony with another elastic. Do the same thing with the second pony all the way down the head.
That's it, braid the last pony and tie off with an elastic and you are done! Easy Peasy!
Top View:Side View: Back view:

I've been away!

Wow, I was just noticing how long it's been since I've posted and just thought I'd let everybody know that I will be back to posting regularly soon. The end of summer is hectic here, I started a new job working nights so my body is way out of whack and the kids don't start back to school until September 8 so once things settle down I'll be back.
I'm hoping to start posting and playing catch up tonight, so don't be surprised if I post 1 or 2 times a day for the next couple days.

August 15, 2009

Fancy Pony

This is a pretty basic but cute style. I was actually planning on posting a different do (Side Braids part 2) but my camera batteries are dead, so I'm doing this one instead today. Again, it's pretty self explanatory so if anyone has any questions just ask. Start with 2 elastic braids going back to the crown and then braid them.

Add them into a low pony and add a bow:
Easy and cute.

August 14, 2009

Side Braids Part 1

This is cute, and easy if you can french braid. It's a nice alternative to the traditional 2 french braids! It's pretty basic so here are the pictures: This is the side we started the braids at by her ear:

This is where we joined the two braids and did a semi-pull through bun kinda thing:
From the front:
From the top, note how long her bangs are that they actually stay in the braids without help:

August 07, 2009

Simply Sweet Summer Hair

We don't always pull all of Kenz's hair up, although it may seem that way sometimes. This do only uses about half or a third of her hair and is a really cute princess crown do that is quick and easy. Start by parting out a circle on top of the head and parting that into 6 or 8 or 10 parts, however many works for you.

Twist braid, braid, or pull the sections into a crown shape:
Attach the two back middle sections somehow (we tied and then used an elastic)
Brush out the rest of the hair and you're done! Doesn't she look like a totally different kid with her hair down!

August 06, 2009

Pretty Picture Hair

I didn't get very many pics of the actual do for this one, but it isn't difficult to figure out :) Basically it's a double braided headband with a messy bun. Kinda simple and cute for the pics I was trying to get.
Here is the view from the top: The side view:

The back under-side. Since her hair is too short for the two braids to meet in the back I braided each braid in with a small section at the back of her head. Then I joined the two braids and braided that adding it to the messy bun:
The top side view:
And the front:

August 04, 2009

Braided to a Pony

I've been away from the computer the past couple weeks, but I should be back and able to post regularly again now, and I have quite a few styles in storage just waiting to be posted.
This is a simple one and can be dressed up or down, it's good for everyday wearing and I am glad to say that I can finally get Kenz's bangs into the braids without having to do anything special, they still stick out a little, but they stay.

To start part the hair down the middle to the crown and across like so: Next start french braiding one side and tie off with an elastic at the end of the section: Do the same on the other side: Pull the hair into a pony adding the hair from the braids and add a simple bow: View from the side: View from the top:View from the front:

See what I mean? Quick, easy, and Cute!

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