June 02, 2009

Basic Pony Tails

Kenz wanted something a little more simple today... she asked for two pony tails so I complied. The only thing is with ponies her hair from the front of her head always falls out into her eyes so I always modify it. Here is an easy way to keep shorter hairs in front in the pony. (Candice, this will work for Ella too :) )
To start I pull back the bangs in a square section(these two were actually left over from yesterday):

Next I take the right section and cross it over adding it to the next square left section (this works better on wet or damp hair). And I cross the left over to the next right section:

Continue in the same way for the third section so the hair should like somewhat like this:

Next I parted the remaining hair and put it into two ponies (or you can do one, whatever you prefer!) If you do two ponies cross the top ponies over again before you add them in:

Add some cute bows on the ponies:
Views from the front:


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