June 25, 2009

Braided Ponies

This is a quick and easy do for something with a little extra and no extra time. Begin by sectioning a square out on top of the head and french braid that section as far back as the section goes and continue regular braiding til the end.

Divide the rest of the hair into two ponies and add the braid into one of the ponies.
Braid both the ponies as far as you can and loop back up securing with an elastic. Spike any loose ends (or curl them) and add bows.
This took about 5 minutes before we left for the school and looked super cute!
View from the front... doesn't she look impressed... with the bangs we just combed them to the sides today.


SugarandSpice said...

I really like the simplicity of this one. It looks adorable! By the way I know how it feels to go through growing out bangs! Last year my daughter wanted to grow hers out just so that by the time they were actually long enough to pull back into her hair she wanted them cut!!!

Monica said...

Thanks, this is one of our favourites for something quick and easy! I really hope she doesn't decide that she wants bangs when we finally get them a little longer.

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