May 03, 2010

Sewing Project...

Hey! Check out my latest sewing adventure HERE! I'm new to sewing and having a blast with it! Tonight I made Kenz a skirt, matching doll's dress, and hair clip. Be honest but nice, what do you think of it?
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pics of her actually wearing/holding all the new things I made tonight :)

May 02, 2010

So Proud!

It may seem a little bit strange to be proud of this, but I definitely am. Now it's not strange when your child takes after you and does an amazing hair style on another girl, or a doll, or even you. However when suddenly I found my house strangely quiet this afternoon what I found made me very proud.
My daughter decided that her youngest brother Cole should "match" her.
Kenz decided to do Cole's hair. She began by luring him into a room in which he is currently not allowed without me (the bathroom). She then proceeded to occupy him with something he isn't normally allowed to "play" with (his toothbrush). Following this she took out a comb, the spray bottle, a single elastic and a bow that matched the ones that she is wearing today.
Now if I knew she was doing someone's hair I admit I would expect it to be messy and not at all neat. However this is what I found:

For a 4 year old girl who refuses to do even her own doll's hair because she can't get the hair not messy she did an amazing job. Upon the initial sight I thought for sure that one of her older brothers had in fact done it and just blamed her. But upon investigation I discovered the older boys laying comfortably on the couch watching Star Wars, no knowledge of what was happening in the bathroom.
I don't know, what do you think... To me, it looks like something I would have done, she even parted it out to perfection... but I didn't do it so it must have been my four year old stylist :)
Another quick shot:
I am so proud (and a little jealous) of my baby girl's natural ability to do hair! (And yes I took his hair out right after pictures!)

May 01, 2010

Nothing Fancy

Before I get into today's style I thought I would share what Kenz's hair is like. I know I've been talking about it alot, but here are a few pics to show the different lengths I've been working with when doing her hair. We've been growing out her bangs for close to a year now so while I can actually do things with them, alot of styles still require creativity in getting those bangs included or out of the way. The back of her hair is quite long now but is thin in places from where it has been previously broken. Anyways, here are the pics of her hair down:

Now today's style I called nothing fancy because really it isn't. But everytime we do this we get tons of compliments on it. All that it is, is the top half of her head put into 4 quickly done french braids. I pulled everything up into a sort of bun thing... I can't call it a bun or a messy bun, it's kinda a bit of both. Then I added a bow to the top. This took only a few minutes and like I said gets noticed all the time.
Just the braids done:
All pulled up, back views (the bow looks off-centre, but it's not):
Front View:

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