April 30, 2009

Braids, braids and more braids...

The most common way Makenzie wears her hair is braids of some sort. For me they are quick and easy and keep her hair somewhat neat. The awesome thing about braids (especially french or dutch braids) is once you get the hang of it the hair doesn't really need to be that long and it can be done in almost anyones hair.
So today we have random braided hair dos :)
#1: Meet A:
Meet A's First Braid:
#2: Meet K:Meet K With Both a Single French Braid, and then A Double French Braid into a low pony:

#3: Meet Younger Kenz:Kenz with 6 Simple Braids (3 on each side):Kenz with 4 Simple Braids (2 on each side):


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