April 28, 2009

Headband Braids... Multiple Uses

Headband braids are simply french or dutch (I really can't dutch braid) braids across the head to look like a headband. Since Makenzie has such a strong natural part and many layers in her hair we usually part up the middle and do two braids, one down each side of the part. I love this style because it can be the base for so many other styles so once you learn how to do this one you can do pretty much anything.
In this first picture we have simply done the french braids to the ears continuing in regular braids and attaching them at the bottom of her head under her hair. We left the rest of the hair down and that way we could see the beautiful hair down, but it was still kept away from her face by the headband.

The next couple pictures are all the same style on different days. Headband braids into two ponies. Cute and simple, but different. This is one of our favourites. Finish them off with cute bows, ribbons or funky colours and you're good for the whole day :)

This next one is always cute too: Braided headband style (2 braids) to the ears and then finished off as regular braids and attached at the back of the head (over the hair) with an elastic and finished off with a bow :)
Here's an example of a single braided headband. It isn't the greatest because for some reason her hair just doesn't like the single one. But it serves the purpose :)

Once you can braid you can do so many styles! Use your imagination and see what you can come up with!
I found some better pictures of a single braided headband although in these ones I divided the headband section into two parts. The very front I left out and once I had braided the second part I attached the left out part under her hair to form the headband. I got the idea from the blog "A Princess and Her Hair" (See links at left!) and it worked really well.


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