April 24, 2009

Criss Cross Frenchies

This is one of my favourite fairly quick do's for everyday wear. It is alot simpler to do than it looks providing you can already french braid and it is a little bit different but not different enough to look odd.
Start by sectioning the hair into four and then clip 2 diagonal sections out of the way. Start braiding the top loose section diagonally going right down into the opposite bottom loose hair. over the centre there may not be enough hair to continue french braiding so just regular braid until you can pick up hair again.
Once you are done that side secure in an elastic and do the same with the opposite side of the head. you can either attach the braids at the bottom, stop braiding at the neck, or braid all the way down and leave them. I've shown two different finishes here. We also used these colorful braided pieces (6 for $1 at dollarama) to make it a little funky!
Back View:
Front View:
This is a closeup, it was a different day and the braids weren't as good as normal (she was really fidgety!) And we finished with cute bows instead of the colored braids, The braids also came together at the bottom.


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