May 04, 2009

Hair Accessories

What's a simple way to make a basic hairstyle look different and unique? Add accessories to it! Accessories and fun and funky and great for any girls' hair... not only that but they are incredibly easy to make at home. Making hairbows, headbands and other accessories is also a great bonding time between mom and daughter. While I make all of Kenz's bows, she sits and helps pick out which ribbon to use, which centre piece. Sometimes she helps me glue (she's only 3!). Here are some of our home made collection:
Coming Soon: More tutorials on how to make your own bows, headbands, and flowers :)

If you aren't crafty you can always contact me and I can make you a custom bow (or set) for minimal cost + shipping.

What's a great way to deal with after-braid frizz? Do a low pony-bun (don't pull the pony all the way through) and slap on a great big flower clip, voila! Fancy Shmancy!

Coming later today: Knots


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