April 27, 2009

How To: Make a Hairbow:

Girls at OYP, this is for you :)
Pick your ribbon and cut even sized pieces 4-6 is usually a good number :

Find the centre and stick the needle through:

IT will look like this:

Then fold over (start at bottom ribbon and put through needle:

So it looks like this: YOu can either leave it or bunch it together (see next photo)!

If you're doing another layer now is the time:

Use a small piece and glue it over the centre:

Now take a bobby pin (my preference, pretty much any type of clip will work and glue a ribbon to the part that will attach to the bow)

Glue the whole thing to the bow like so:

Ta Da! Use this method as the base for many other styles of bows :)
If you need further clarification on any step just let me know!


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