May 04, 2009

Double Twisty

This is a fairly simple way to look complicated. It's also alot easier than braiding for alot of people to do.
Since we're doing two of these twisties, part the hair down the middle (side part would work too!) and take a section from the top of one side.

Secure the section with an elastic (it keeps the twists tighter), and start twisting the hair.

Using your preferred method (comb or hand) take another small section of hair and add it into your twisty and continue to twist some more.

Do this all the way down until it looks like this:

Twist until the very bottom and secure it with bobby pins twisting back up so that it's off the neck. I use two bobby pins per side to secure (4 total). Here is what both completed sides look like:
And your done, if you desire you can add some flowers or bows, but I kinda like this one as it is.
View from the side:


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