May 28, 2009

Ribbon Headband, Braids and a Bow

So Miss Squirmy wasn't too co-operative when it comes to pics today so I will try my best to explain.
I started off with a long piece of ribbon and wrapped it across the top of her head with the tails of the ribbon hanging down either side. Then I took her bangs and made them into tiny ponies on the front of the ribbon and attached those ponies to two tiny ponies behind the ribbon. Then I brought those together.
Next I started braiding the side of her hair... just regular old braids, nothing fancy... except that for one of the pieces of the braid I used the ribbon and just two sections of hair. When those were done I attached them in the back under the rest of her hair.

Finally I took that top pony and used it as the center piece for the french braid I did with the rest of her hair. When I was done the braid I took the leftover ribbon from the other two braids and tied it around the braid at the neck and added a matching bow.
This do didn't really take all that long and was great for keeping her hair (bangs and all) off of her face.
My apologies to the person I got this from because I can't remember who it was but I got the general idea from another blog somewhere... if it was you let me know and I'll give you the credit :)
This one could also just have the two side braids attached in the back with the hair left down... this is what we had when we took out just the middle braid:

If anybody has any questions on how I do a particular style or has something that they would like me to show just leave a comment and let me know!


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