May 25, 2009

Multiple Braids to Bun with Bangs Pulled Back

Since it's summer time now and we've decided we want to grow out Kenz's bangs we're going to probably be doing a lot of similar styles to this one with her bangs pulled right back off her face.
To start this style I pulled her bangs off her face by doing two rows of elastic braids. Then I regular braided the ends of the elastic braids together. Next I took all of the hair around her head and did 6 more regular braids.

Next I pulled all of the braids back into a pony tail and took out the elastics from the ends of the braids and then made it into a sortof bun. I was going to do a ballerina bun but got impatient and just did a half a messy bun.
Isn't it pretty like a flower or star?!


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