May 05, 2009

Shortie Topsy

Who remembers the topsy tails that were on the infomercials back in the 80s/90s... I do! I used to have a home made one (thanks dad!) and not too long ago I wanted to achieve the same type of tool so I used a piece of pipe cleaner and some electrical tape and made my own. I did this because topsy-tails are a cute look for little girls with short hair, or long hair, good for keeping shorter pieces tight etc...
Too demonstrate just how cute they are with short hair: Miss A. has 4 tiny little topsy tailed ponies on top of her head (3 across the front, 1 across the back), topped off with a cute bow:
Here, Miss Kenz had 4 tiny topsy tails going across the front of her head into two upside down topsy tail ponies:


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