November 02, 2009

Random Twists and Things

I didn't really have a plan with this style and wasn't intending to make it a post, but it turned out kinda cute and funky so here are the pics of her hair all finished:
To start this hairstyle, divide the hair in half horizontally at the crown. Next I divided the top in half and did 5 little ponies across the front of her head. I used diamond shaped parts to spice it up a bit.In the second section I put in three little ponies and then the fun parts start. Unfortunately I didn't do step by step, but if you look closely at the pics you should be able to see what I did.
In the front centre pony I did a twist braid and held it at the back centre pony with a clip. On each side I did a double cross/twist thingy and attached the two front middle ponies to the twist and back pony with an elastic. The sides were put together.
Next I twist braided the middle pony down as far as her hair would let me and put in an elastic. Then I took the two sides and twisted them together as far down as I could (this left me with two twists on top of each other). Now I twisted those twist braids together and secured them with an elastic. I covered the elastic with just a small clip. Back view of the twists: Front view:

Side View:


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