November 15, 2009

Headband Style Braids

So I don't really have the words coming to me tonight to describe this hairdo, so hopefully the pics will do a decent job. Basically it's 2 (regular) braids in front and they are joined to a (regular) braided headband in the back (2 braids in front, 4 in back). Cute for those with trouble frenchbraiding a headband or for those with daughters with shorter hair in the front.
A view from the front-top: View from the top-left:

View from right side: Front view:
Oh, and because the braids are basically a little braid, then elastic, then little braid, elastic, etc... this one can stay in a few days for a trip to Grandmas (yes, this is what she did, it still looked perfect when she came home, and Grandma just had to comb out the back hair!)


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