November 18, 2009

Braids to the Side

Here's a quick and easy do to spice up the same old ponytail. Now I'm not a lover of side ponies or buns or anything. I like symmetry. But for some reason we've been doing a lot of side do's on Kenz the last little while and I still think they're cute.
This one wasn't meant to be what it is, but it worked.
To do this one, part the har just behind the ears and put two little ponies in the front and two in the back. Braid the front ponies and add them to the back ones. Take the left back pony now and braid it adding it to the right one. Now form a messy bun, or whatever you want from here and add a bow to finish the look. Takes less than five minutes and still looks cute.From the left side:From the right side:From the front:


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