July 24, 2009

Photo Free Friday

I checked my usual blog reading list today and came across this nifty idea by Jenn over at Girly Do's. She has posted photoless instructions for a hair do and asked us to try it and share the link on her blog. So this is what we've done. Go HERE to see the instructions.
This style was a little challenging because her bangs are too long to stay down and it's difficult to keep them in a longer french braid, so there are quite a few shorter pieces sticking out that I tried to hide.View from the side that's hooked into the ponyI liked the look of this but it didn't feel complete until I added the bows to it. Some styles just need that bit of extra help :)


Girly Do's said...

So cute. I almost wish you would have left her bangs down so I could see what it looks like with bangs. I contemplate cutting bangs into Beans hair all the time. Are they hard to work with?

Monica said...

Thanks :) I couldn't leave her bangs down because we are in the process of growing them out, they are at mid-eye length and impossible when they are down. I found it hard with her to keep her hair looking neat while having bangs which is why we're trying to grow them out.

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