July 07, 2009

More Braids

Nope, Kenz still isn't feeling much better but today we decided to do her hair anyways because we were going to the pool and I figured if I at least braided it then it would dry quicker and stay out of her face.

We started by parting her bangs and tying them out of the way.

Next we made a part at her crown horizontally and put the bottom in a pony out of the way.

Next we sectionned out small sections and french braided braiding as far down as I could. I think we ended up with 6 sections.

We gathered all the sections and added them to the bottom pony making it into a sorta bun thing. Normally I would take out all the elastics holding the small braids, but I wanted to finish this up quickly today.

Finally we 1/2 french braided her bangs, adding hair only to the front side and put an elastic in after all the hair was added, tucking the remaining hair behind her ear.She likes this because it's a no fuss no fix hair style that lasts all day. She actually went to bed tonight with the entire things still in and I'll probably leave it in for tomorrow too!View from the front: She was not too happy to be posing for pictures!


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