July 08, 2009

Braided Heart

I should save this for Valentines Day but I figured since I didn't have a new style to post and this was sitting in my folder for a while I would go ahead and post it. For this one I'll try and explain since I don't have very many pics.

French braid two braids starting at the crown in the middle and braid towards the front of her head and then back around the sides towards the back. Braid as far down as you can and join the two braids to form the bottom point. At this point I did a twist braid where the two braids attached and I also did 2 twists and 2 braids randomly in the bottom part of her hair. When I was done I wove a pink ribbon around the heart to define it a little more. The pics don't do this one justice. It's really pretty in person! Maybe one day soon I'll redo it so that I can show a step by step and how cute it really is!


Candice said...

Monica, you have to come to my house and do my girl's hair!
I love your styles! I'm just not able to do much with E's hair since it's so slippery!

SugarandSpice said...

You didn't cut her bangs did you? I figured it was an older picture because it was the first thing I noticed:)

Monica said...

Thanks Candice :) Nope I didn't cut her bangs... it's an older pic!

Audrey said...

This is SO CUTE!!! I never noticed your blog but with your permission I'm going to add it to my side bar.... I am a fellow lover of hair!


Monica said...

Hi Audry, thanks for your comments, and by all means you are most welcome to add me to your sidebar!
Thanks again,

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