July 17, 2009

French Braid... With Bangs IN

Okay, two things, first you know I've been growing out Kenz's bangs so this style is great because it keeps them back and out of her face without having too much going on. Second, I love the look of a single french braid on almost anyone. It has got to be my all time favourite hairstyle. So I finally figured out a way to make this work with Kenz and her long bangs!
To start this style, make an elastic braid starting front middle of her head and do it back to the crown (we did 3 elastics), and don't forget to include the bangs!Now take the hair from that 3rd elastic and divide it into 3 to start your french braid.French braid all the way down and add a bow to the bottom...Ta Da! Simple, cute, easy, and classic. This do is perfect for Kenz's hair!


SugarandSpice said...

That is WAY perfect for people growing out their bangs! I would never know her bangs weren't long ...or short! Very Cute:)

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