August 16, 2010

More Braids... and Beads!

I absolutely love this style. We've done it a couple times now and I think it's one of the few that we both love. Again, there really isn't anything fancy to this but I just think that the simplicity of the beaded braids with the rest of her hair down is great.
What we did: We parted out a square-ish shape on top of her head and horizontally parted out each row. We braided each towards her right side and hung 3 beads on the end of each one.
View from the top:
Another Side View:
And lastly - look at that attitude... since when do 4 year olds start acting like teens when you want to take their picture?
My baby girl is growing up so quickly!


American Girl Doll Hairstyles said...

Looks really nice and she's adorable!

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