August 07, 2010

Just Some Braids

This is honestly nothing special, more than anything just to share why I haven't been posting new styles lately... Since I've been back working full time again it has been hard enough for me to get everyone out the door on time in the mornings so this has been a frequent hairdo over the summer. It is good for swimming, for dad, for when we're just plain busy. Put simply it's just braids. I don't use product in her hair to hold them in so we usually keep them 3-4 days, and then leave her hair down (or a simple style) for a few days. Since I've relaxed alot on her hair the parts aren't as straight as they could be, they get a little fuzzy, and they are definitely NOT tight.
Here's the most common way I've been braiding her hair - 1 braid across the front, 6 braids down the back:

Side View:
Other Side View:
Top View:
Front View:


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