March 27, 2010

Curlformers Part 2 - The Results!

Well, I must say that I am very impressed with my first attempt at curlformers and I will say that they were definitely worth the investment.
To begin, when I bought the curlformers I only bought a single package of 8 because of the price I wanted to try them before investing a huge amount of money. I was 2-4 curlformers short of being able to do her whole head but I figured that was fine because of what I was planning to do in her hair anyways.
So Thursday night we washed hair and put in the curlformers. I'm also going to note that I did NOT use ANY product in her hair for our trial run, not the night before, not the next day, not at all. Friday morning we overslept and were running late getting out of the house. To do her hair I quickly took out the two back curlformers and I was already impressed!
Next we did a really loose and quick braid up the back of her head and then took out the rest of the curlformers and put everything into one pony.

Here is the result: Beautiful curly pony.
Side view:
This next pic is Friday night when we took out the pony and the braid, note that the curls are still holding great without using any product!
the last pic is a bonus pic of Saturday morning after sleeping on the curls from Friday see that the curls are STILL intact! (Just a little messy!)
Overall we had a great first run at using curlformers and I can't wait to get out and grab another 8 pack for Kenz's hair. One more note I want to add is that Kenz has very straight, thin hair. It does not hold curl from anything else! This product really works :)


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