March 26, 2010

Curlformers Part 1

So I've seen the posts by many others and decided I wanted to try curlformers. Now, I am no hair expert. If you saw my hair you would be appalled, I don't even own a curling iron! (Yes, it's true!) So I researched these curlformers and being that I'm in Canada, could not find them anywhere. So I visited the Sally's website and tried to order them... only they don't ship to Canada. Finally I found a brand new Sally's store pretty close to where I live. Great, I visited the store yesterday and picked up my first package of 8 curlformers for Kenz's hair. At twice the price it's sold on the website I wanted to be sure they would curl Kenz's pin-straight hair so I only grabbed one package. I've gotta say that I was impressed.
After Kenz had her bath and washed her hair last night I went to work putting the curlformers in. Pretty easy. Only 8 wasn't enough for her head (I figured it wouldn't be). So we did the top part of her head and she went to bed, I left the back out of the curlformers because I knew what I was planning for today. Anyways, here are the pics of Kenz wearing her curlformers, later on I will post part 2, with the results :)


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