August 07, 2009

Simply Sweet Summer Hair

We don't always pull all of Kenz's hair up, although it may seem that way sometimes. This do only uses about half or a third of her hair and is a really cute princess crown do that is quick and easy. Start by parting out a circle on top of the head and parting that into 6 or 8 or 10 parts, however many works for you.

Twist braid, braid, or pull the sections into a crown shape:
Attach the two back middle sections somehow (we tied and then used an elastic)
Brush out the rest of the hair and you're done! Doesn't she look like a totally different kid with her hair down!


aemi said...

That's cool! So pretty. I'll have to try that one.
I like how she looks with her hair down. She's a cute girl. <><

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