August 04, 2009

Braided to a Pony

I've been away from the computer the past couple weeks, but I should be back and able to post regularly again now, and I have quite a few styles in storage just waiting to be posted.
This is a simple one and can be dressed up or down, it's good for everyday wearing and I am glad to say that I can finally get Kenz's bangs into the braids without having to do anything special, they still stick out a little, but they stay.

To start part the hair down the middle to the crown and across like so: Next start french braiding one side and tie off with an elastic at the end of the section: Do the same on the other side: Pull the hair into a pony adding the hair from the braids and add a simple bow: View from the side: View from the top:View from the front:

See what I mean? Quick, easy, and Cute!


SugarandSpice said...

It looks very beautiful:) you can't even tell she has bangs!

aemi said...

That's pretty! I should try it on my 3 year old sister's hair. <><

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