October 03, 2010

I felt like making bows... and a pretty Flower Bun

I don't know about you, but I'm cheap. I don't like buying bows because where I am they are usually pretty pricing. Buying from online boutiques can also get pricey especially once you add in shipping. So since I love bows in girl hair I learned to make my own. Now the odd time I do splurge and buy something but I usually it's just easier and cheaper to make what I need. Yesterday I just felt like making a few so while we watched a family movie (Hook! Everyone loves Captain Hook!) I took out my bow making supplies and got started. This is what I came up with for halloween:
 Just some cute everyday bows, I really was in the mood for nice simple classic bows, nothing too big or too fancy today:
 I got a  little baggie of these "scrapbook bobble thingies" at the dollar store last year and finally put them to good use, can't wait for winter so I can use these, I have lots of ideas for them:
 These are made with some eyes I bought years ago when I was going through a doll-making phase. I have halloween do that I think these'll be perfect for!
 And lastly I made Kenz some new flower clips. She picked out the flowers at the dollar store a month or two ago and requested some flower clips for her hair. She picked the silver ribbon that I lined the clips with too:
 Something about a classic bun is just pretty on a little girl:

Do you make your own bows, flowers, clips? I found that once I started it turned into an obsession, I have dozens all styles, all colours.


Merynne said...

I make bows too! Mine turned into such an obsession that I had to start selling them! To date, I have purchased 200 ponies, 650 clips, and 250 bobby pins. There have been other types of clips thrown in here and there too. ;) The good news is that I only have about 100 bows/clips for my little girl and about 150 hair things waiting to be created, so I've sold or gifted all the rest! Not bad for a hobby. ;) I love the things you made, btw, very pretty!

Monica said...

Thanks for the comment. I have bought alot and I've sold a few offline as well. I gift quite a few as well. I love making them. It's one of those things where if I'm watching a movie in the evening I make bows too, it helps me relax :)

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