September 27, 2010

Two Do's

These two hairdos have been pretty popular the last couple weeks. It's really the same hair do finished differently. I made two dutch braids in back of Kenz's head. As soon as I was done adding hair neckline, I tied the braids together with a clear elastic. I then took a small piece of hair and wrapped it around the elastic hiding it. Then I took another clear elastic and including the tail from the wrapped piece of hair tied off the pony at the base of the wrapped hair. Cinch it upwards so the elastic is hidden and voila a cute easy hairdo. Now in the pictures below I also did a zigzac part.

For this variation on the above do, I tied off each braid seperately at the neckline and wrapped each the same way as above. I've done this one with a straight part down the middle.

 One other note is that for these braids I don't usually start them too high, I usually start with an ear to ear part and then do the middle part so the starting point is the same on both sides.
 The idea for this one came from Babes in Hairland although mine isn't an exact copy, it definitely inspired me for this one!


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